How to Update Kodi

How to Update Kodi

Kodi is a very popular app that has been known to support multiple different devices including iOS, android, windows, Xbox, and Linux as well. It is an all in one entertainment app for watching movies, shows and listening to songs.  It allows you to make customization with add ons and skins.

Here is how you can update the Kodi on your device be it Windows, Linux, Xbox, Marcus or android. Follow the steps to update Kodi:


  • First, you have to close the app from your device.

  • Visit the website www.kodi.TV/download and you will be able to download the latest windows installer from here.

  • Wait for the downloading of the latest version of Kodi to download and when finished just start the setup file.

  • The installation needs to be done now and you will go through some screens in which one will say that the Kodi files are overwritten. That’s what you need to do for updating and keep going.

  • After the installation is complete just start using the latest version of Kodi as you do.


  • Start by launching the terminal interface. This can be done by the combination of Ctrl+alt+T.

  • A command needs to be given. This command is “sudo apt-get update”. Hit enter after typing the command.

  • Next command you need to give is “sudo apt-get upgrade”. And hit enter.

  • Now the Kodi will be downloaded and updated as well on your Linux system.


  • Open the official Kodi’s website from a browser and download it.

  • Here you will have to choose MacOs

  • Now you have to click on the Installer (64bits) that has the newest available Kodi installation file.

  • Wait for the download to finish and open the file in the DMG format as it is.

  • This is the last step of merging the Kodi’s app file to the application folder. You will have to confirm that you wish to replace the file that is already present.


  • Open the google play store

  • Tao on the menu option on the left top side.

  • Go to the option of my apps and games

  • If there are updates available the app will say an update on the right side.

  • Tap on the update and it will start

  • That all you need to do.

Xbox One

  • Open the guide in your Xbox by clicking the Xbox button.

  • Go to my games and apps

  • On Left side, you will see the updates

  • If you are on outdated version update will be available and you can download and install it here.

That was a simple step by step instruction for each of the device supported by Kodi. Now update the Kodi app easily without any trouble to get new features. We hope it was easy to understand and you liked the article for the content. Like and comment on it worked for you and do visit us for more useful articles.

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